Track Duty Hours

One45 scheduling tools enable you to track and report on your learner’s clinical experience shift types on-call and post-call.


Fair and Transparent Scheduling

Tracking learner clinical experience and educational work hours can be complex and absorb enormous amounts of admin time. A clear picture of clinical experience is required in many cases for compliance with accreditation regulations. You also need to track duty hours to ensure learners aren’t working more than you want them to. One45’s duty hours tool can help ensure you have near real-time reports on exactly what, where and how many clinical hours your learners have completed – making compliance with accreditation requirements and reporting easy.

Track what you need to track
at the right level of detail

Know where and what your learners are doing

The Duty Hours feature allows learners to track the shifts they have worked each day. The types of shifts available for them to choose from can be customized. Based on program settings you can track information on the hours worked by day, week or by type of days (post-call days, on-call, off, etc.)

Get the data you need for compliance

Use your customized shift reporting to track learner hours against accreditation requirements, review compliance and violation reports and set the thresholds for the maximum number of hours per day or week for each shift type to catch violations before they happen.

Simplify data entry for learners

Minimize the amount of data entry your learners need to do by allowing them to track their hours within your custom thresholds. Edit the shift details options and customize the locations and activity types to make it easy.

Report across data elements and catch violations

Generate robust reports for compliance

Based on the clinical and educational work hours (duty hours) your learners have entered, you can generate reports across sites, learners, and shift-types.

Automatically flag work hour violations

The system can automatically flag violations such as 30-hour work violations, too many hours per week violations, and time-off violations.

Empower your learners first

Not only can you report on the customized data, your students and residents can track their own hours across shifts on their own individual report as they go.

See how One45 scheduling solutions can streamline the administration of your Medical Education Program.