Schedule Pre-Clinical Experiences

Create and manage learning activities and organize your schedule alongside your curriculum.


Event-based schedules for didactic experiences

For didactic events, use the curriculum schedule tool to create and manage experiences ranging from full class lecture to small group sessions. With this tool, you organize your schedule into the hierarchical curriculum structure. From there, you use the structure of your curriculum to break down events into different graduation years, student groups and teaching types.

Curriculum scheduling for
non-clinical experiences

Manage your course, session and section details

Using the One45 interface for curriculum scheduling to assign customized student groups and facilitators, add location details and incorporate handouts and links providing the crucial details directly to your faculty and learners calendars.

Report across your curriculum scheduling details

Track and report on the different teaching types for each course and session across the academic years and use the information in your existing schedule to report on faculty effort. Faculty effort reports give you the faculty department and teaching type details.

Individualised scheduled distribution

Generate your schedule details in bulk adding student groups to required learning sessions, each student’s individual schedule is available to them individually, even in their own calendar device.

Streamline scheduling together with curriculum

All in one place

Managing your pre-clinical schedule details in One45 also offers the advantage of easily adding assessment workflows and curriculum mapping and objectives directly to the schedule you have created and prevents duplicate work.

Schedule learners while meeting accreditation requirements

Ensure your learners, faculty and stakeholders have access to the scheduling, learning objectives, assessments and learning materials all in one place. Track and report on the different teaching types directly from the scheduled sessions.

See how One45 scheduling solutions can streamline the administration of your Medical Education Program.