Schedule Academic Sessions

Manage and distribute academic session schedules, collect attendance, plus automate program evaluation and assessment.


Manage the complexity of teaching session tracking

Administer all aspects of Academic Half-Days or other classroom-based teaching with one simple interface. With the Academic Session Scheduler, you can provide learners and educators with year-long event schedules (e.g., lectures, seminars, journal clubs, presentations), initiate and monitor evaluations of presenters, track attendance and make changes to scheduled events quickly and easily. You can attach learning objects (i.e., handouts, etc.) to specific sessions. This tool also includes a template feature that speeds the scheduling of regular, repeating events and events that have characteristics in common (e.g., attendee lists or locations). Eliminate the hassle-factor from your program’s non-clinical education components.

Event-based schedules for
non-clinical experiences

Curriculum scheduling for non-clinical experiences

For academic events, use the curriculum schedule tool to create and manage experiences ranging from full class lectures to small group sessions. With this tool, you organize your schedule into a hierarchical curriculum structure. From there, you use the hierarchy of your curriculum to break down events into different graduation years, student groups and teaching types.

In-training academic schedules

While your learners are doing their clinical rotations, they’ll have additional learning experiences to attend. The academic sessions tool links your rotation schedule with an event-based scheduling tool so you can manage and distribute academic session schedules, collect attendance, and automate program evaluation and assessment.

Report on Teaching feedback from learners across sessions

Use the information in your existing schedule to report on faculty teaching performance. Faculty feedback reports include the faculty department and the type of teaching that is being performed along with the data from your customized academic session feedback form.

Ensure staff and learners are up-to-date

Communicate changes in sessions easily

Session presenters can synchronize the events calendar to their mobile device to receive updates on event details directly to the calendar of their choice.

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