The complete tool for scheduling medical education

Create & manage schedules for your clinical placements and academic sessions


Centralize scheduling

Scheduling learner experiences is often a collaborative effort for departments and programs. From courses and small group sessions to clerkships and rotations, One45’s scheduling tools help you create centralized schedules for all of the learning experiences you provide. You’ll know at a glance who is working where, with whom, and what they’re doing.

  • Enable efficient collaboration between departments
  • Reduce duplicate effort and errors
  • Simplify tracking of individual learner process

Streamline communications

Scheduling medical education learning experiences takes discipline and attention to detail to organize learners, instructors, resources, and admins. One45’s scheduling tools automate the communication of schedules and schedule changes so you can move your attention from your inbox to creating great learner experiences.

  • Reduce your email burden
  • Ensure your learners and staff have been sent their schedules
  • As things change, feel confident that all involved have up-to-date information

Better resource management

Use the power of your detailed schedule to automatically drive and collect essential program data.

  • Automate your evaluation and assessments workflows, logbooks, handouts and more
  • Report on teaching across departments and activities
  • Link clinical rotations across departments or programs to save time and ensure accuracy

A complete set of scheduling software for UGME and PGME

One45 scheduling capabilities enable you to:

Run Clinical Placement Lotteries

Ensure a fair and transparent scheduling process for clinical placements. Manage constraints such as student preferences, staffing levels, and other limitations to generate “best-fit” schedules which you can then edit and finalize.


Plan In-Training

Manage clinical sites and services and translate those into the clinical experiences required for each cohort. Then, assign each learner their rotation schedules through one easy interface.


Schedule Pre-Clinical Experiences

Create and manage learning activities from full class lectures to small group sessions right down to student groups and organize your schedule alongside your curriculum.


Schedule Academic Sessions

Manage and distribute academic session schedules, collect attendance, and automate program evaluation and assessment.


Track Duty Hours

Track clinical experience and educational work hours to ensure compliance with accreditation requirements and generate reports to ensure learners aren’t working more than you want them to.


Learn how One45 can help you with


Map and manage your curriculum against learning objectives, and competencies.


Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences.


Eliminate data silos and quickly access robust reports that support decision making.

See how One45 scheduling solutions can streamline the administration of your Medical Education Program.