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One45 Updates: Sept 14, 2020: New, easier mobile logs experience

Last updated: September 14, 2020
Author: One45
One45 UI Updates

You told us how important it is for learners to log their patient encounters and procedures from their mobile device. We’ve made this easier than ever.

If you log into your school’s One45 website via web browser on your mobile device, learners can now complete Patient/Procedure log entries with just a few taps.

Your learners can now also easily access their logs from a link to the logs page from To Do’s.

On a mobile web browser, accessing logs from an eDossier previously required multiple taps/clicks –  we’ve improved this by adding a link to the logs page from the To Dos, learners can easily access their logs without having to access the menu.

For learners accessing a saved bookmark for the “old” mobile logs webpage, for the best user experience and widest functionality for tasks, it is recommended that One45 users delete the bookmark and log in to your institution’s One45 account on their mobile browser. Accessing the full site allows for the best possible mobile experience to complete eDossier tasks, including procedure logs. Also notable for your learners, this functionality is not available in the One45 mobile application and for the best experience we recommend sharing with your learners the new and improved access to One45 directly through their mobile device’s web browser. 

For example: 

  • From your learner’s mobile device, go to the web browser (e.g. on iPhone, open safari) 
  • Enter the One45 URL for your institution and enter their login credentials
  • Their device will recognize they are on a mobile device and show their eDossier in the new mobile view including the new link to Pt/Procedure Logs conveniently located at the top to start a log entry (when applicable)
  • The menu will open to show them all of their eDossier options, but they can easily complete a log entry via the Pt/Procedure Logs link at the top of the To Dos page

When learners, with log access, select the Pt/Procedure Log link they can access their log menu easily to start a log entry.

For more information on the mobile eDossier, click here.