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One45 Updates: Nov 17, 2020: All new mobile-responsive Calendar

Last updated: November 17, 2020
Author: One45
One45 UI Updates

In our ongoing work to improve the mobile browser experience for the One45 eDossier Learners, Faculty and Admins will see a new mobile-friendly My Calendar page. This release includes a calendar-based view of the events that users are connected to in One45.

Users will see a new calendar interface that is inline with the updates we’ve made to the other eDossier pages. Notably, when users log in using a web browser on their preferred mobile device, the calendar will display the day’s events, allowing them to see where they need to be that day, and easily switch to other days and views as needed.

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For users who prefer to access curriculum events from their own direct calendar application, the Manage Calendar Sync page will allow them to subscribe to a given One45 calendar feed and view it from their preferred application. You can view more information about Manage Calendar Sync here