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One45 Analytics Updates: Nov 4, 2020: Easily see who hasn’t taken the Step 1 exam

Last updated: November 4, 2020
Author: One45
One45 UI Updates

In One45 Analytics, a new table has been added that displays how many times someone has taken the Step 1 exam. The table can be filtered to show only learners who haven’t taken the Step 1 Exam yet. Finding students who have not yet taken the Step 1 exam can be helpful when you’re looking for low performers.

We’ve recently reorganized the Preclinical gateway exam review dashboard to make it easier to see the complete history of Step 1 and CBSE scores for the selected learner.

Another update is to the “learner information box” that appears on many of the learner-focused dashboards. If you’ve added program tags for your learners, they will now show up in this box. This should give you some extra background on the learner you’re viewing.

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