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One45 Analytics Updates: January 8, 2020

Last updated: January 8, 2021
Author: One45
One45 UI Updates

Program(s) and Special Programs are now just Learner tags

Did you know that you can add “tags” to your learners to identify those that come from special programs, or are otherwise part of a special “grouping” of learners? In Analytics you can. In most cases tags are used to identify learners that come from special programs (think: MD/PhD), but a few of you are using tags for other purposes. To make this clearer, we now label these tags as “Learner tags” rather than “Program(s)” or “Special programs”, as not all tags represent programs.

Added pass/fail status to Step score KPIs

Our Preclinical and Clinical gateway exam review dashboards display KPIs that show the most recent Step scores for the selected learner. We got feedback from some of you that it would be great to also indicate in those KPIs whether the learner passed the exam in question when looking at the score. We’ve updated the Step 1 and Step 2 CK KPIs on these dashboards to indicate if the most recent attempt was a pass or fail.

Additional updates and bug fixes

In addition to the updates above, we also squashed a few bugs and made a few other tweaks to keep things working in tip top shape.