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One45 User History report for exam registration or credentialing

Last updated: June 3, 2021
Author: Wendy Cooper
report for exam registration or credentialing

Among our team here at One45 we have a number of former Program Administrators. One report they have shared that was helpful for their learners but not well known among PA’s is the User History Report. This report shows a quick summary of learner data and is a complete record of an individual’s educational activities recorded in One45. 

It is a helpful, condensed way to see learner specific details. This report comes in handy for Postgraduate residents that need to verify their rotations for exam registration or credentialing, and potentially for residency match information for UGME learners who want to quickly see their date specific completed Clerkship rotations.  The report outlines clinical rotations scheduled, and a vacation/leave history and can easily be copied and pasted into a document or printed.

This report is accessible to admins (or attendings with access to eDossier information, like Mentors or faculty with the necessary permissions). To access this report, navigate to a learners eDossier and go to the Personal Info page. The User History Report is the last button at the bottom of the page:

The report will open in a new window where it can then be copied and pasted into another document. It can also be printed or printed to PDF by right clicking and choosing print.

The User History report includes:

  • rotations that have already been completed
  • rotations that are scheduled in the future
  • vacation/leave history
  • a comprehensive lists of the tasks that have been completed
  • tasks that are still assigned but not yet completed, for instance, outstanding evaluations and outstanding assessments of the learner

This report on a Users History in your program may save you time when looking to quickly compile learner rotation or evaluation history. 

About Wendy Cooper

Wendy is a One45 Customer Empowerment Representative. With over 9 years of experience supporting and training software administrators, she shares her knowledge in creating support and how-to offerings along with best practice recommendations for success.