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Making Support Proactive vs. Reactive

Last updated: May 19, 2021
Author: One45
Making Support Proactive vs. Reactive

Before joining One45, many of our team members worked in Medical Education. We’ve been on the client side and understand how important it is to have the support you need, when you need it, in order to focus your time and energy on the business of education and supporting your learners.

Those lessons learned have shaped our company’s support philosophy and process which have contributed to our reputation as a MedEd software company with outstanding customer service and support.  

A Proactive Customer Success Philosophy

Most software companies take a reactive approach to customer support where customer interaction starts when they reach out for help about a problem. One45’s philosophy and process for customer success employs proactive action. This means we’re constantly working to look ahead at the issues you may encounter, correcting them within the product wherever possible, and offering a wide range of self-service options where we cannot. 

We have a range of self-serve and “we serve” resources in place to build knowledge, prevent issues, uncover opportunities and in general – ensure customer success.  These resources include: 

  • a well resourced library of assistance in our support tab within the One45 application, 
  • a knowledge base that touches on all our areas of our system, and
  • a regular meeting with your Customer Success Manager for a system review and consultation on where the software and surrounding processes can provide added value. 

 “I love One45. Their help material is incredible. I rarely have to contact the team because I can always find my answers there.” 

Jennifer Peck, Curriculum Technology Specialist, Thomas Jefferson Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine

Our Customer Service Commitment

Here’s our approach: 

  1. You’ll hear from us quickly. When administrators contact us with issues our response time average is typically within the same hour. We value efficiency and have developed a workflow to respond to your administrative needs quickly. 
  2. We value your feedback. Our Customer Success team gathers feedback from your leadership in regular business review meetings to share company wide. Our client service team looks for your recommendations and shares that feedback and opportunities for improvement with our product team. Our product team looks to partner with our customers in discovery for development of new products and functionality so we’re creating tools that offer  solutions designed for MedEd needs.  
  3. Empower you with resources. We know there are plenty of times you’d prefer to find a quick answer and save time vs. reaching out for help and direction. We have built a robust library of self-service options. Self-service options include  our in-application search that offers easy direction to the right knowledge base content, guided walk throughs that will lead admin users through a task step by step, One45 University course content for in-application training for administrators, and our One45 blog sharing best practices specific for MedEd.  
  4. A variety of channels for support. For times when self-service options aren’t enough we make it easy for your administrative team to contact us for support. Available through our support ticketing system or support phone line to outline your request, we’ll respond with quick answers or offers to connect and consult for the most effective resolution. For more complex problem solving our customers also consult with our Success Team to bring best practices recommendations to the conversation. 
  5. Creative problem solvers. Our customers will attest that we work hard to solve their problems, big or small.  Our teams are motivated to see our customers successful with our software and with their associated MedEd goals. Sometimes to get there this requires us to be creative and work together on creative approaches. On occasion the best customer service means finding a solution that’s outside the usual and we’re up for the challenge. 
  6. We’re all in. From our CEO through our entire team at One45, we all recognize that Customer Success is a company wide responsibility not just that of our customer service team. Our experience working with MedEd institutions at all levels means we are all involved to ensure the success of our customers and proving the value you work with us to see.  

One45 has been an excellent tool for all of our evaluation, patient and procedure logging, small group assessment, and curriculum mapping needs. Even more impressive than the product, however, are the committed support team members this company employs. From the most minor questions to emergent issues, the support staff continuously delivers in every way. I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone who asks.” 

Matthew Gentile, MA – Assistant Dean for Assessment, Evaluation, Continuous Quality Improvement & Compliance with LCME Accreditation Standards, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Our Approach to Onboarding

If you’re new to One45 and coming into the onboarding and implementation phase with us you can expect a customized approach working closely with your assigned Customer Success Manager. You’ll work together from the first kick off call to outline the value and objectives you’re looking for and line up the deliverables we need from you. Kick off will be followed by a confirmation of your training dates with your internal project team. Our CSMs will keep you updated along the way and provide the data to show the progress of your onboarding work and beyond. You won’t meet a team more committed to setting you and your school up for success. 

A Final Note

We know MedEd. We know our products. We love to help our customers. That combination has earned us a reputation as the leading MedEd Software Customer Success and Support team and it’s something the entire team at One45 takes pride in.