A Data Warehouse Designed Specifically for Medical Education

Integrate data from all your software systems to get a complete picture of program and learner performance.


Unify your data

  • Simplify data aggregation across systems including SIS, LMS, Examsoft and assessment systems
  • Link data across systems for consistent reporting
  • Eliminate manual data entry from one system to another
  • Create the foundation for easy reporting and application development

Make your data work for you, without a lot of work

Make your data work for you

Automatic data integrations

One45 has created pre-built data integrations with the most common software systems in medical education. If your institution uses popular Admissions, LMS, SIS, Assessment, Scheduling, Curriculum, or Exam products, you can set up your integrations to these systems and get data flowing into the warehouse extremely quickly — without the need to do custom exports or data drops.

Ad-hoc & flat file integrations

Have important data in spreadsheets, local databases, or in-house systems? No problem. One45’s ad-hoc and flat-file data integrations were specifically designed to pull this kind of data into your warehouse on a one-time or scheduled basis.

Tag & embellish data for precise reporting

Data from one system never completely matches data from another. One45’s powerful tagging & embellishments feature lets you code your data across systems to ensure consistent reporting. This way, disparate data sets can work together to give you accurate insights.

Pair your data warehouse with your favorite tools

Forget about walled gardens and use One45 analytics’ data warehouse with any tool you want. Gain insights from your data warehouse using One45 analytics’ dashboards & reporting, connect to the warehouse with your own data analysis tools, or create apps powered by the warehouse. One45’s extensive data dictionary is at your fingertips, allowing you to easily navigate and understand the warehouse’s data models.

Get new data every day

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) every 24 hours

All the software systems you’ve integrated with your One45 data warehouse are polled daily. New data is brought into the warehouse on a 24 hour cycle, ensuring you have a complete data set for reporting that is never less than 24 hours old.

Customize your data flow

Our ETL subsystem is built on a workflow scheduling engine used by some of the top companies in the world. When you begin using One45’s data warehouse, we’ll work with you to configure a custom chain of data integrations — ensuring data is brought into the warehouse in the right operational order.

Ensure quality at the source

One45’s ETL process contains an ever-growing list of quality checks that take place when data is loaded into the warehouse. With these checks, we prevent a large number of garbage-in/garbage-out errors that make data merging and reporting so frustrating.

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