Real-time Dashboards and Reporting for Medical Education

Unify and report on a holistic data set to track learner and program performance


Actionable Insights, Faster

  • Complete accreditation reporting in hours not days
  • Monitor student and program performance
  • Access to real-time data all in one place
  • Make analysis of complex data sets more intuitive
  • Feel confident that you are making data-informed decisions
  • Power Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

A high definition view of your learner and program performance

Review a complete picture of student performance

One45 provides dashboards for monitoring student performance. For student affairs teams, these dashboards provide a complete picture of student performance — including grades, test scores, matriculation data, and more. The dashboards allow you to drill down into red flags, and prepare for meetings with students in seconds.

Prepare for course review

Reviewing courses and other curriculum events can be easily done with One45 Analytics dashboards. Curriculum teams, course directors, and others involved in program evaluation can use these dashboards to quickly produce graphs and charts for course, phase, and annual review meetings. By setting your own “low performance” thresholds, you can quickly narrow in on areas to focus on during the review.

Understand admissions outcomes

Want to know how many students from a certain region performed on a recent Step 1 exam practice? Trying to answer a colleague’s question on MCAT distributions over the past 5 years? Admissions data is integrated into the warehouse at a base level — allowing you to correlate outcomes to admissions data. This information is frequently requested and often tricky to retrieve. Now it’s at your fingertips in an instant.

Identify trends in exam performance

Exam data is extremely valuable. It’s one of the key indicators of program and learner performance. With One45 Analytics, you can cross-compare this data across years, cohorts, and courses. More importantly, you can cross-compare exam results with data from other systems: matriculation data, course evaluation data, curriculum management data for never-before possible insights.

Put your NBME® data to work

Get easy and immediate access to individual learner and cohort performance data which enables you to quickly identify who is at risk from gateway exams. Save time in preparing reports and eliminate errors that occur through manual data entry and manual collating of data.

Improve performance management initiatives

Narrow-in on performance issues

One45 Analytics allows you to set custom grading rules and low performance thresholds across a number of data types. This allows you to create custom dashboards and reports for instant views of low-performing learners and program elements.

Make more impactful interventions

As your use of One45 Analytics grows, you’ll have more and more information at your fingertips. Instead of identifying an issue and setting a set of follow-up research tasks to determine the cause and impact, you can now drill down into the nodes and branches of your data to do real-time analysis in a meeting.

Permissioned access to data and insights

Share access to reduce duplicate reporting efforts

With One45 Analytics, all your data is finally in one place. But that doesn’t mean all your staff has access to all of that data. Data sets and dashboards can be permissioned in broad or granular ways, ensuring that only the people who need to see the data CAN see the data.

Role-based permissions

Permissions on data elements are role-based. For example, student advisors can be granted a “student advisor” role that ensures that all student advisors have the same degree of permissions. This feature saves configuration time and gives you a clear picture of your data permission policies at a high level.

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