Business Intelligence for Schools of Medicine

Enable CQI and data-driven decision making with our turn-key data warehouse and dashboard system designed for medical education.


Integrate your MedEd data

Bring together data from all the software systems you use – including course evaluation, curriculum, exam, grading, and admissions systems – without the need for in-house technical resources. Our pre-built integrations and our signature data warehouse engine will seamlessly integrate and centralize all of your data in near real-time.

  • Eliminate the time-consuming and tedious process of gathering, massaging, and reporting on data
  • Easily access timely reports for committee meetings and accreditation
  • Eliminate data silos and solve disparate data issues

Gain insights for timely action

Comprehensive data enables effective action. A complete, near real-time picture of student performance gives rise to earlier and more impactful interventions. Access to longitudinal data for cohort analysis lets you benchmark performance and take corrective measures on courses, rotations, and other educational experiences before it’s too late.

  • Closely monitor students at all points, from application to graduation
  • Cross-compare experiences from year-to-year across key factors
  • Highlight and drill down into low performing metrics in real-time

Drive true continuous quality improvement

Clean, aggregated, and accurate data is the foundation for continuous quality improvement. With One45 Analytics, you’ll get a high definition view of your learner and program performance. Empower assessment, curriculum, student affairs, and other leaders to truly shape the outcomes of your program.

  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Benchmark performance and drive CQI initiatives
  • Report and analyze a multi-dimensional set of longitudinal data

Eliminate data silos and get a unified view of your medical school’s data

One45 Analytics capabilities include:

MedEd Data Warehouse

One45 combines data from your LMS, SIS, exam and evaluation systems. Our multi-tenant, cloud-based platform ensures your MedEd data is consistently integrated, timely and secure.


Reports & Dashboards

Allow your IT team to focus on the business issues that matter. Save time and empower members of your educational team to query, visualize and understand data to inform decision making.


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Map and manage your curriculum against learning objectives, and competencies.


Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences.

Don’t just improve your program’s performance, optimize it with the support of One45.