Customer Stories

The One45 product has been an excellent tool for all of our evaluation, patient and procedure logging, small group assessment, and curriculum mapping needs. Even more impressive than the product, however, are the committed support team members this company employs. From the most minor questions to emergent issues, the support staff continuously delivers in every way. I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone who asks.

Matthew Gentile
Director of Assessment, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

We had our LCME site visit this year and received the full 8 years accreditation. Our evaluation system (powered in large part by One45) was noted to be a strength of our program here.

Andria Thomas, PhD
Associate Dean, Evaluation Services, Augusta University

Even though we have been customers for several years, the customer support is just as fast and attentive as when we were brand new customers.

Thanks to the centralized curriculum management, oversight systems and student logging systems from One45 , we had a very successful LCME visit.

Edward Simanton, PhD
Director of Evaluation and Assessment, Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota

We have a very complex student evaluation system at Einstein and we’ve tried out 7 different online evaluation packages over the past 12 years. One45 is by far the best package we have used. It is relatively user friendly, it is easy to track completions, several nice options are available for producing reports, and we particularly appreciate the support that is provided.

William Burton
Director, Office of Educational Resources, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I am always happy to speak to anyone trying to decide with a program. One45 is the best evaluation product out there.

Debra Liptak
DVM Student Coordinator, Colorado State University

I love One45! It has such a wide range of functionality. You could search the world and not find another medical software that does so much.

Barbara Masi
Director, Office of Program Effectiveness and Education Assessment, Frank Netter School of Medicine
McGill Faculty of Medicine

The report looks fantastic! Thank you and great work to you and the team … Customers do not normally understand the scope of work that is involved in putting features together and release planning. Coming from that side of the business, I truly appreciate the hard work One45 has done prioritizing and delivering McGill’s critical requirements.

Peter Imperioli
Associate Director, Systems, Medical Education, McGill University

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