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Get one clear picture of your MedEd curriculum

Centralize and collaborate across your curriculum as you map learning objectives to the learning experiences your program delivers.


Unify and Collaborate on Curriculum

One45’s Curriculum Mapping tools offer a central repository where you can manage and track what’s being taught, where, and by whom. When mapping your curriculum in One45, you can decide who can make changes. Your course directors, instructors, and administrators can collaborate through a common interface and each add their contributions and updates. When students and faculty need to know what’s next, they can easily search to find the relevant content and teaching objectives they need to prepare for.

  • Easily identify gaps and redundancies across your curriculum
  • Apply custom controls and roles for curriculum editors
  • Provide view-only access for all stakeholders, including students

Support CQI Initiatives

Curriculum management is a systematic discipline of analyzing curriculum data and adjusting in pursuit of improvement. One45’s curriculum data export tools and gap analysis reports ensure you’ll be prepared with detailed reports on assessment coverage, teaching types, and program objective traceability.

  • Run detailed analysis for ongoing quality improvement
  • Easily integrate new mapping data into current curriculum
  • Identify the gaps and redundancies for Committee action

Powerful Accreditation Reporting

With central oversight over your curriculum you can confidently assemble reports that demonstrate to accreditors how your curriculum lines up with and supports your learning objectives. Easily run reports to meet the needs of accreditors while simplifying and streamlining the effort required.

  • Incorporate standardized accreditation lists into your Curriculum Map
  • Easily report on keywords or hot topics to show where each are taught
  • Generate a report on contact hours to show how teaching hours are distributed

One curriculum map, across all your learning experiences

One45 curriculum mapping capabilities enable you to:

Map & Manage MedEd Curriculum

Map and manage your Curriculum data and identify curriculum drift as content and objectives evolve in response to feedback and updates.


Generate the AAMC Curriculum Inventory Report with Ease

One45 has helped 25 schools successfully complete their curriculum data uploads for the AAMC CIR initiative. Go from curriculum spreadsheets to an accepted submission in a matter of hours.


Work With an Experienced Curriculum Management Team

Our team will help you decide what data you need, what data you’d like and what is best for your program. We’ll provide advice on how to best coordinate the data to make it easy to maintain and offer your faculty, students and administrators the best possible value.


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