How NEOMED Transformed their MedEd Data-Governance and Measurement with One45 Analytics

Northeast Ohio Medical University


  • Located in Rootstown, Northeastern Ohio, US
  • Founded in 1973
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 959 total,  586 College of Medicine
  • 100+ hospital, clinical and pharmacy partners for education and practice opportunities


  • Complex system of spreadsheets and diverse documentation for Curriculum Review


  • Implementing One45 Analytics to integrate data sources


  • Improved data governance, easier review with time saved and errors reduced

Improving data governance to enable better learning outcomes

Before using One45’s Analytics tools, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) relied on a complex system of spreadsheets and other documents to share data with their various stakeholders. “Most of our data sources were in (Microsoft) Excel files,” says Courtney Marsden, Sr. Assessment and Evaluation Specialist at NEOMED. “It meant updating a lot of different Excel files and then converting those over to some different graphics and tables, and then copy-and-pasting those over into a Word document that would then be distributed out to each of the courses and clerkships at the end of their semester. It was very cumbersome.”

NEOMED’s goal was to relieve the administrative burden and reduce the opportunities for error with their existing manual process. 

“A critical driving factor was to switch our curriculum from a more passive lecture-based curriculum to a more active, engaged curriculum,” says Courtney. “One of the things we really wanted to be able to do is reduce lecture hours. I think when you see the numbers on a piece of paper it’s one thing, but when you visually see the patterns, it’s more impactful. You can see the bar chart and how the blue bar about lectures is shrinking while the more active parts of the curriculum are expanding. It’s more powerful to have that visual than just to see the number in a column or a row.”

Administration time saved, better learner evaluations and more transparency

“I love data,” says Courtney. “I love the tables, I like raw data. But it’s much easier now for a committee to be able to see what I’m talking about visually — and it helps move the meeting along faster because they don’t have to sit there and look at the table and think about it. If I can show a visual chart and make it look pretty, it’s much easier to interpret. It saves time for the committee because it’s right there and you can easily see it.”

The team at NEOMED has become more efficient with the new tools available to them. “Instead of having to submit another tech ticket to my IT folks to say ‘Hey I need you to pull this data for me.’ It’s now all living in Analytics, so a couple of years from now I don’t have to worry about going through someone else. I have it all living in Analytics.” 

How better MedEd data governance and measurement enables CQI and learner outcomes

The benefit of better management of data management and the resulting time saved is that it clears the way for more meaningful analysis. NEOMED’s team are able to spend their time making sense of the data, enabling continuous quality improvement, at the institution level and on an individual learner basis.

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“My best advice would be just to work with the folks over at One45 Analytics. If you have something that you want, it doesn’t hurt to ask them. They’re awesome with saying ‘yeah we can make it happen’ or ‘no we can’t.’ They’ve been wonderful.”

– Courtney Marsden, Sr. Assessment and Evaluation Specialist at NEOMED

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