Consolidate and Manage Grades

Automatically calculate, track and post your learners’ grades all in one place.


Streamline the grading process

Students of medical education programs are assessed many times, in many ways throughout their training. Assessments are then collected and stored across multiple systems. Student assessment scores come in from external exam providers. They are also in your Student Information System, your clinical placements assessment system, and your testing system. Generating students’ grades can be a challenge when scores are spread out across different systems. One45 Assessment enables you to consolidate and access all your learner’s grades in one central place.

Make it easy to bring grades data together

Import grades from other systems

In addition to grades calculated directly from One45 assessment tools, bring other system data in for the whole picture. When you export assessment scores from test-taking systems and other assessment tools, the results are often available in Excel format. Using this data from excel, you can import that grades data directly into One45.

A consolidated view of assessments for each learner

When assessment scores are imported from the various systems, One45 links the data directly to the learner’s profile. One45 admins can then control what information is visible to users and when meeting accreditation criteria for grades release timelines with ease.

Provide timely feedback to students on evaluations and grades

Link your assessment forms to customized grade calculations

With One45, you can link your assessment forms to customized grade calculations. Once clinical assessment results are collected, your learners’ grades are automatically calculated enabling timely feedback to students on performance.

Manage all your grades in one interface

Once you’ve entered, calculated, or imported all of your grades, you can see all of your grades data in one central place – the Manage Grades interface. From this interface, you can edit grades, release them to learners, and export them for your student information system. This links directly to each learners’ profile where they can review their own individual grading information.

See how One45 can help you manage your grading data.