Collect In-training Evaluations and Assessments

Automate the workflow of evaluations and assessments using your program schedule.


Make collecting your assessment data easy

If you’re running a clerkship, residency, fellowship, internship, externship, preceptorship, or other work experience program, you’ve probably found collecting in-training evaluations and assessments to be a challenging task. There are many different forms to be shared at specific times to a variety of locations. Data you collect needs to be indexed and sorted by person, by experience, and by location. One45’s assessment tools tie your Program’s forms to your master schedule and automate the distribution and collection of data—saving time and eliminating errors.

Leverage workflows designed for medical education

On-the-go feedback collection

The best time to collect feedback is immediately after performing or observing a training experience. Using One45 from any mobile device, your faculty, staff and learners can initiate and complete timely, high quality assessments anywhere, while the feedback is top of mind.

Schedule-based evaluation “scenarios”

Your schedule is the heart of the evaluation process. Using your most up to date schedule, you always know who is doing what, where, and with whom. One45 uses this information to configure multiple evaluation scenarios. One45 also supports multiple assessor scenarios, like 360 reviews and 2-tier workflows.

Your program’s assessment and evaluation forms

Create and use your program’s custom assessment and evaluation forms with the form-builder tool. You can create and edit common question types as well as advanced rubrics with robust Likert scales. Each form you create will be attached to the specific evaluation scenario you need.

Automated data collection

This is where the magic happens! With your program’s schedule in place and your evaluation scenarios configured, with the click of a button your forms are automatically distributed for each block or rotation. All of your form data is easily monitored and tracked, including bulk reminders for overdue forms.

Receive mission critical reports and alerts

Triggers for low scores

You can define thresholds on your forms so that if a response falls below the threshold, you’ll be notified immediately. A record of any follow up conversation is also stored and may be used as part of your Program’s remediation processes.

Timely feedback to students

Getting feedback results to your students in a timely fashion is a key accreditation requirement. In One45, you can set feedback rules to instantly send your program’s learners the results of mid-point evaluations as soon as they are completed, including requesting comments or agreement with the assessment.

Comprehensive on-demand reports

In addition to setting up automatic alerts for low scores, you can generate a comprehensive set of reports for your regular reporting needs. You can report individually and longitudinally across evaluation forms, people (instructors and learners), experiences, experience types, graduation and program years, and all sorts of other categories.

See how One45 can help you manage your assessment needs.