Power CBME with One45

Customize competencies, EPAs, and milestones to power the data collection and reporting needs of competency-based assessments.


Custom built for making your transition to CBME easier

Transitioning to a competency-based model means more assessments, and lots more data. One45’s tools were designed working with programs who have successfully made the leap. Power your transition to structure your customized list of EPAs or Competencies, and connect them directly to your assessment tools. Surface all that data in easy to use and monitor reporting to review progression and back entrustment decisions.

Track and review learner trajectory

Report on achievement, trajectory, narrative feedback and EPA summaries

With feedback direct from Directors, Competence Committees and CBME teams One45’s reporting was created to see the important details at a glance. See summaries, by learner, of how frequent assessment is occurring, what comments are being collected and communicated, how they are progressing over time and determine areas that may need attention.

Enable learners to review their own trajectory

Empower your learners with the information they need to monitor their own progress. Individual learners can see their own reports and how they are progressing against each Competency or EPA established by your program. Including where they may need more assessments.

Keep the picture of learner progress clear

Manage data at the Program level

One45’s CBME reporting gives you lots of options to manage all this data centrally. Easily review which EPAs your students or residents have been assessed on showing how many times the learner has sent forms for feedback, how many times they’ve received feedback and how many times they have been marked as successfully meeting the criteria. Report to compare how many times your learners have been assessed on individual EPAs or how often your faculty members have been sent assessments and more.

Provide learner data access to those who need it

Easily add advisors or mentors to access learner competency or EPA reports on an individual basis. One45 has made granting this access to performance data for committee members or advisors straightforward to help you help your learners with the support they need to succeed.

See how One45 can help your Program manage CBME requirements.