Manage the assessment of medical education performance

Ensure a thorough, timely, and verifiable assessment process for your medical school.


Collect and share timely data on learner performance

Once your program is scheduled and running, it’s time to assess and track performance. Are your students or residents completing the required learning experiences and performing at the appropriate level? Are they meeting the curriculum requirements and competencies? What feedback do learners have on their experiences? What feedback do learners share on teaching faculty?

  • Automate evaluations and in-training assessments tied directly to your schedule
  • Create and use your program’s custom assessment forms
  • Collect timely evaluations through the One45 mobile eDossier

Manage and access all your grades in one place

One45 makes it easy to enter, calculate, and import data so you can see and manage all of your grades within a single interface. From this interface, you can edit grades, release them to learners, and export them for your student information system. Your learners can now access all their grades in one place.

  • Import grades from exam and student information systems for a consolidated view
  • Link your assessment forms to customized grade calculations
  • Provide timely feedback to students on evaluations and grades

Adapt to new learning and assessment models

Schools transitioning to CBME are faced with a significant increase in assessment data. One45 provides tools to efficiently collect required assessments and report those in a format needed to make timely and relevant decisions about entrustment and progression.

  • Report across milestones, narrative feedback and EPAs
  • Enable learners review their own trajectory
  • Manage data and identify low performers at a glance

A complete set of medical education assessment tools

Our powerful assessment capabilities enable you to:

Collect Assessments

Automate evaluations and in-training assessment using your program schedule.


Track Progress on Clinical Experience

Communicate the patient encounters and clinical procedures your learners need to experience and track their progress throughout the program.


Consolidate and Manage Grades

Automatically calculate, track and post your learners’ grades all in one place.


Competency Based Assessment (CBME)

Customize competencies, EPAs and milestones and power the data collection and reporting needs of CBME.


Learn how One45 can help you with


Delivering great medical education begins with great planning.


Map and manage your curriculum against learning objectives, and competencies.


Eliminate data silos and quickly access robust reports that support decision making.

If you are looking for a powerful suite of tools that enable holistic assessment of performance, we’d like to show you more.