About One45

Dedicated to serving Medical Education for over 20 years.


Our Story

One45 was launched in 2001 and co-founded by Derek Hemmes, John Simms, and the University of British Columbia’s Dr. Ric Arseneau. At the time, Dr. Arseneau’s Internal Medicine program was generating so much evaluations paperwork that his students and residents were slipping through the cracks of the process. One45 was born from that frustration.

Since then, we’ve grown from an evaluation-only system into an end-to-end medical education management platform that provides software tools to drive MedEd operations and fuel the analytics that enable continuous quality improvement. Our software powers the management and operations of 100+ graduate and undergraduate medical education programs around the world.

Our Vision

At the core of One45 is data: evaluations, scheduling, logs, curriculum management. As we look forward, we know that good data collection while necessary is not sufficient. Data integration and analysis, data warehousing and dashboarding, data analytics: these are the needs that must be addressed in MedEd to enable CQI, educational decision support, and precision medical education. And this commitment to data and insights will be our focus for the years to come.

The enablement of Continuous Quality Improvement backed by data underscores and reinforces our commitment to making best-in-class products for medical education programs and their learners training to be great doctors.

What drives us

We are passionately committed to delivering excellent products and services to the medical education community. We are driven by our purpose to empower medical schools through data to optimize performance, elevate quality improvement, and graduate even better doctors.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction scores which are the result of being a company with a long-term commitment to medical education and a team that cares deeply about its customers’ success.

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