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One45 is a MedEd management platform that provides the operational tools and end-to-end data analytics required to run great programs and train even better doctors.


One suite of powerful MedEd software

One45 is purpose built to serve the unique operations, data collection, integration and reporting needs of medical schools. We help medical schools manage day-to-day details and access the data required to optimize program and student performance.


Delivering great medical education begins with great planning.


Map and manage your curriculum against learning objectives, and competencies.


Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences.


Eliminate data silos and quickly access robust reports that support decision making.

About Us

MedEd needs are unique.
We get that.

With 20+ years in the business, our team of industry experts have tailored One45 to the unique attributes of medical education programs. We enable MedEd programs across the continuum, UGME through PGME, to collect and interpret specialized data, optimize unique operational systems and draw on comprehensive data sets to easily produce the reports necessary for accreditation and data-driven decision making.



Unify data and make informed decisions

Seamlessly access and analyze ALL of your learner and program data with One45. Our Analytics platform is data agnostic and enables schools to easily integrate multiple data sets and transform it into knowledge – – without the need for an in-house software team.

Streamline operations

One45 enables an integrated workflow for medical education program management, assessment, accreditation, and CQI . Our comprehensive platform streamlines complex operations, facilitates timely communication, simplifies accreditation and enhances assessment.


Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME)

With CBME, medical schools can offer individualized learning and assessment models that help achieve the goal of training even better physicians. If your school is adopting CBME for UGME or PGME training, you need a tool to power the data collection and reporting needs of CBME to support your program’s transition.

One45’s direct link with scheduling for assessment and ease of reporting for both learners and competence committees makes this easy. Formatting Comptentencies, EPAs and Milestones for your program are all customizable.

CBME Management

Reporting & Insights

Accreditation Reporting

One45 streamlines the time, effort, and cost of reporting come accreditation time. Our platform makes it simpler to monitor curriculum and track objectives, content, and learning activities across all courses. Our reporting tools easily demonstrate the comprehensive nature of your curriculum and can access specific curriculum details as required by accreditors.


Much more than software

Our services are designed to save you time so you can focus your resources on the doctors you are training. We are known for our support being the best in the business and we are absolutely committed to your success. Our services team has deep experience in Medical Education program management and will act as a knowledgeable extension of your team.

Customized configurations to meet your needs
Support when you need us committed to your success
Comprehensive onboarding to get you operational quickly
Knowledge and experience specific to MedEd
Expansive support resources praised by our clients to save you time

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