Software specifically-built for medical schools, residency programs and veterinary programs

  • manage
  • Manage
  • Manage what your students will learn and how you will deliver & assess their learning
  • manage
  • Schedule
  • Create & manage schedules for your clinical placements & academic sessions, all in one place
  • manage
  • Assess
  • Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences
  • manage
  • Track
  • Track the teaching effort of your faculty and the learning experiences of your students

Featured Clients

Our use of one45 has kept growing almost yearly over the last 10+ years, because of the value it brings us and their excellent support and implementation teams. I don’t know where…

Mark Drapak

Information Technology Unit

University of Saskatchewan

I am still sold on one45. I love the system and the folks at one45. They have always supported me and I can’t brag enough about their service.…

Michael Sims, PhD


University of Tennessee Knoxville School of Veterinary Medicine

We had our LCME site visit this year and received the full 8 years accreditation. Our evaluation system (powered in large part by one45) was noted to be a strength of our program here.…

Andria Thomas, PhD

Associate Dean, Evaluation Services

Augusta University

We have been working with one45 for nearly a year now, and I have to say that ever since we moved our evaluations to this system I have been smiling. Smiling because of the ease with which…

Julie Rendell

Postgraduate Coordinator

Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)

Our school recently implemented a new curricular structure and decided that we needed to find a company that provided solutions for our evaluation data collection and curricular…

Gwen Shonkwiler, PhD

Evaluation and Assessment Specialist

University of Nevada School of Medicine

As one of the newest medical schools in the nation, developing the curriculum, managing it, assessing it, improving it, and maintaining it is a challenge for faculty and the staff …

Zachary Vaskalis, MS Ed

Assessment Coordinator

Department of Curriculum Development & Assessment, The Commonwealth Medical College